Fight Back

There is a a lot of information on the internet on how to circumvent Yelp review process and its algorithm. Please don’t not fall for this crap. Furthermore, Yelp marketing about its algorithm is bull crap. The algorithm is simple pay us or you will be black balled. As a computer professional, their claims of hundreds of check points is simply false. This is not rocket science here. One reviews your business. It is either positive or negative. You are on the businesses internet connection or on your own internet connection. One can not fathom hundreds of check points. You are a legitimate reviewer or not. Their algorithm is very simple, you pay us or you don’t. If you don’t pay, you will be ultimately be on the Yelp hit list which is the worst case scenario. If you are on Yelp hit list, you will not get anything but negative reviews.


As a American patriot and lover of American capitalism, Yelp must change their tactics.