Our Objective is not to destroy Yelp.com as legitimate business on the Internet.  We desire the following…

1) Provide information to Yelp stockholders to hold Yelp.com corporate accountable for actions against small businesses
2)End Yelp practice of black balling small businesses whom are not yelp.com advertisers
3) Stop Yelp from assaulting non-advertising businesses with predatory tactics to force advertisement.
4) Force Yelp to provide methods of rebuttal and review of legitimate reviews of legitimate businesses.
5) Promote free enterprise the foundation of American capitalism.
6) Allow companies to opt out of yelp listings.
7) Force yelp to acknowledge advertiser vs. non-advertisers.
8) Provide exposure to anti-yelp entities to facilitate change within Yelp.com
9) Gather and tabulate information and data for the purpose of changing Yelp.com anti-small business attacks
10)Create an environment of camaraderie among yelp.com and non-yelp advertisers