Are you on Yelp Hit List?

Yelp has hit list for businesses that refuse to advertise using their services. They promote negative reviews on non-advertisers They hide legitimate positive reviews on non-advertisers. They promote competitors of non-advertisers on the non-advertiser yelp page and listing.

One Reply to “Are you on Yelp Hit List?”

  1. Hi, as computer professional and small business owner.
    I have never seen a threat to free market in the world as They are the worst the Internet has to offer.
    They are wolves in sheep clothing. Unfortunately, only small businesses owners are aware of these facts.
    Anti-Yelp Facebook groups membership number in the many thousands. These numbers represents many thousands of small business owners.
    They have forced small business owners to close doors as a result of refusing to advertise with They have to be stopped.
    They need to change their tactics. I hope their stockholder sell or facilitate a change in their tactics.
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